Damn you, GameStop

I vividly remember seeing copies of The Orange Box nesting on the racks at local GameStops in the years past. I was always tempted to buy a copy, but for whatever reason I never left with one. Maybe I was sick with The Suck, or maybe I was too busy buying five copies of Dragon Age: Origins. Either way, I was never committed to purchasing The Orange Box until Portal 2 came out. Everyone and their mother was gushing about how ahhhh-mazing it was, and consequently, every copy of The Orange Box apparently grew legs and ran out of GameStop’s door because I couldn’t  find a freakin’ copy ANYWHERE.

I’m not kidding. I stalked every GameStop within 15 miles until they told me the nearest copy was over 70 miles away. WAAAH.

So I did something I’ve never done before. I went to GameStop.com and ordered a copy for $22.99. Guys, I never buy used games so I felt a little dirty, but I told myself it was the only thing I could do. Actually, that’s not true. I could have searched eBay but I had a GameStop gift cardsoOoOOOoO….

Anyway, I received a lil’ package a few days later. It was my newest, used game! I opened it up—


Cracked case, no instruction booklet, hell, I’ll be surprised if the game even works. Considering it was free (meaning I used a gift card), I suppose I shouldn’t bitch but STILL!  As a collector this burns my heart into a fiery little crisp.


Also, have you seen my Dragon Age II Signature Edition case? Also courtesy of GameStop:



  1. Buying used games is a “caveat emptor” situation, so we should probably have appropriate expectations… BUT can I tell you how many times I have purchased a NEW game from GameStop and I end up having to leave with their crap display copy?

    And those terrible stickers they put on to “seal” the “new” game are the WORST. They’re the stickiest stickers of all time. >:-(

    • Yeaaaah it’s no bueno. I never buy used games, so I guess I really didn’t know what to expect. But I thought at LEAST manuals would be a, y’know, requirement. u_U;

  2. I bought Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood on Gameslop.com used cuz it was cheap and, like you, I had a giftcard. When I got the game, the box and one-page manual (yes, ONE PAGE) were in great condition.

    I put the disc in my XBox and started the install and went to eat. When I got back, the install had failed. I tried again and watched fail again it with my own eyes. I looked at the disc and it had some wonderful rings scratched in it.

    i ended up having to return it to a store for a replacement. Now, I know I’ll never buy from them again… at least not online used titles. Cheap asses.

  3. Since you had gift cards, it’s more understandable. But you could have probably found a new copy at Target for $20…and probably Best Buy too. I hate it when that happens. You didn’t even mention the two worst things about it…cracked cases happen, some games don’t have manuals. My biggest pet peave is not having the green case OR the cover. If a game looks shitty on my shelf, there’s nothing worse than that. Ever since Gamestop sent my black case/no cover copy of Forza 2, I stopped ordering online…and I have forgone purchasing games in store that I was actually looking for because of this.

  4. GameStop is not really all that evil, I still haven’t figured out why so many ‘hardcore’ gamers feel the need to boycott it. That said it sucks that you got a sucky copy of Orange Box, why didn’t you download it on Steam?

  5. Wow that’s pretty crazy, I order games online from Gamestop all of the time and usually everything is in great shape whether new or used.. You should send it back and DEMAND a new copy!

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