Xbox One Receiving $50 Holiday Price Cut

We’ve all been victims of the following:

“Okay, this is it! I’m finally going to purchase that next-gen console. I’m biting the bullet, guys! I’m really doing it!”

“OH MY GOD! This is amazing! I love this console so much. I’m so glad I finally plunked down the cash for it!”

::Five days later::

“PRICE CUT?! What do you MEAN it just got a fucking price cut? AHHHHHHH!”

^ Happened to me when I bought my PS3.

June 11, 2009 baby!

It wasn’t until 2009 that I finally gave in and purchased a PS3. It took a big chunk out of my checking account, but I had no regrets. However — and I can’t exactly remember the circumstances —  a week or so later a PS3 price cut and bundle were announced. Yeuuuup. ANYWAY, my goal is to prevent that from happening to some of my brethern who have yet to take the plunge into Xbox One territory.

Starting November 2nd and ending January 3rd, 2015, the Kinect-less bundle will have $50 chopped off of it’s price tag, bringing the cost down to $349.

Gonna get one?

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