WTF Mario Maker Level

Okay, by now everyone has seen their share of crazy-intense Mario Maker levels. I get it. I’ve seen them too. But this one…I don’t know, man. Who are these players and why do they exist? Do they exist to make us feel like plebby souls that aren’t worthy? Are they here to make me question my validity as a Super Mario player? Whatever the reason, if you’ll excuse me, I have some thinking to do.



…I’m over it.

In any case I really, REALLY need to pick up Mario Maker, dammit. ;___; (Can you imagine the fun I’d have showing these levels to my dad?)

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  1. I was watching Grand PooBear’s stream when he finally beat Panga’s Cape Escape and when he finally beat it after 39 hours worth of attempts and 4671 tries, the chat went absolutely nuts! It was cool to finally see him beat it because he got close a number of times but there are some insanely hard elements to the level. I’ve beat one of Panga’s easier levels and it still took me like like 10 hours to beat. His levels are no joke!

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