Time Lapse: 100 Years Of Zombie Evolution

Ughhh. Does it make me weird that this video made me legitimately excited? Like, not turned-on-excited (should probably clarify that so you guys don’t think I’m THAT weird) but, like, I got all mushy feeling and I almost wanted to shed a tear. I just love zombies so, so much. It’s a bit ridiculous. When the “Viral Zombie” was debuted I literally yelled “FUCK YEAH!” to no one but myself and then I realized #foreveralone.


Of course, this video is a thing of the marketing variety for Techland’s upcoming Dying Light expansion called Dying Light: The Following, and the all-in-one bundle (meaning you get the original game AND the DLC) called Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition. I’ve played Dying Light, and I freakin’ loved it. If you have buddies that you love to play co-op with you must MUST play Dying Light with them. (For what it’s worth, Dying Light made my top games of 2015 list on Game Informer.)

Dying Light: The Following and Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition releases February 9th. EEEEEEE.

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