Woman Cave/Video Game Collection Update!

part of collection

Ladies and gentlewomen and gentlemen, it has been many moons since I have shown thee my video game collection. It’s kind of a slow day, so I thought, “HEY! This would be a good day to humblebrag about my shit!”

I’ve had these photos sitting on my desktop since, shit, January? Destructoid was going to run a feature on video game collections, and after submitting my photos and hearing a “That looks awesome!” the feature has yet to run, so I’ll just get these off of my desktop so that they may live forever on this lil’ ol’ blog of mine.

Again, these photos are four months old, so they’re not entirely up-to-date. You know how I do. I’m adding things ALL OF THE TIME. And plus I’ve ran out of room (again) so I have a few boxes of stuff that are, well, boxed up and not on display. <3


game shelf #1

game shelf #2

corner shelf WC

top two shelves

bottom two shelves

zombies pokemon


window shelf



Also, uh…this iteration of the woman cave/woman apartment doesn’t have long for this world. It’s going to be moving to another residence within a few weeks. I KNOW. I KNOW. I’ve totally been flip-flopping on this moving thing, but this time I’ve made a concrete decision. But I’ll go into that a bit later. Trust me, it’s going to be AWESOME and I can’t wait for all of you to see it!

Dare I say…Woman HOUSE?!


  1. OH. MY. GOD. Allllll the jealousy! ALL OF IT! I can only hope that one day my place looks anywhere near as cool as that. Am I right in guessing that the yellow 64 cartridge you have is Donkey Kong 64?

      • I shall! My collection looks a lot like yours if it was 10 times smaller, but I’m still pretty proud of it! Most people are pretty impressed (or appalled) when they see it!

  2. I’m so jealous! My place isn’t big enough for this kind of awesome. I actually had to sell a ton of my games because of down sizing in life style (the Bay area is expensive!) Nice collection.

    • Oh man, that’s a bummer! But yeah, I don’t think my place is big enough either. Still have a ton of stuff in boxes.

    • The board game was found on eBay a few years back, and the shower curtain was custom made on one of those printing websites. GOGOGO!

      • No.

        Just a guy from Ky who has been gaming since 1975. Still doing it. Just seeing all those old school NES, SNES and Genesis games struck my heart. Do you have any TG-16 or Atari Jaguar/Lynx?

  3. Very nice Britt!!! If I had Link on my toilet seat I would prolly think twice before peeeeing all over it AND a shower curtain that’s not covered in mold?!?!?! Now I have seen it all!!

  4. So…beautiful O.O I wish I didn’t have so many other hobbies and I could have my own wonderful collection~

  5. Great Collection Brittany! Glad to see a lot of Pokemon merchandise in your room.


  6. Fantastic collection Britney. A ton of nostalgia seeing those SNES/N64/PSX/PS2 games.My jaw dropped when i saw your bathroom. It’s Amazing!

  7. I love your bathroom! The potions are a very nice touch—are they scented…because that would make it even more amazing :-). Hope your move went well!

  8. Looks really cool & great. How do you clean those things? Especially the statues when they get dusty and whatnot.

  9. i used to have actually more mostly everything from atari all the way to current for the most part but i had to sell it to get a car….and i still got stiffed on the trade in. doubt i’ll ever invest that much money again but it’s good to see someone with the same passion so thumbs up to you britt and since you’re a girl you get two thumbs up because i literally know no women that play games or have any interest thereof. take care.

  10. I must say, very impressive collection. Though I lament that I don’t see Demon’s Crest on your SNES part of the shelf :/

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