Wind Waker Log #1

January 18, 2011: I’ll start by saying this—it blows my mind that I couldn’t associate Wind Waker as a Zelda game eight years ago. How dumb was I?! Sheesh. I’m totally digging the gorgeous cell-shaded graphics… and excuse me, but the character animations?! SO good. I guess a plus to developing a game that looks like a cartoon in action is the range of animations one can give their characters. Who woulda thunk it?!

But seriously, even though I’ve barely scratched the surface of Wind Waker, I’m glad I’ve waited so long to get serious with it. Instead of rushing through the game while criticizing it for what it could have been (like I did several years ago), I now appreciate it for what it is. I want to search every nook and cranny. I want to gaze out into ocean. I WANT TO CARRY MOAR PIGGIES AROUND WINDFALL ISLAND!! >_<

Plot progress: I’ve made my way through Outset Island, tackled the Forsaken Fortress, saw a glimpse of the green-skinned bastard himself and just finished up business in Windfall Island. As soon as I started sailing around the ocean, I had to turn Wind Waker off.  [sad panda]

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