I’m Starting Wind Waker!

I was one of those kids. One of those kids that was SOOO pissed that Nintendo was developing a cell-shaded Zelda game. All I had wanted since Majora’s Mask was a Zelda game geared towards the big kids and my young, ignorant 14-year-old self scoffed at the thought of a toon Link.

Do you remember when EGM published that infamous “Changing Course” article in their April 2005 issue?


Yes, I was also one of those kids that immediately called GameStop upon reading this pseudo godsend, only to be told by a cackling clerk that it was an April Fool’s joke.

I. Was. Crushed.

Wind Waker had released about two years prior but I was still weary of the game. I had played it (and if I remember correctly, had progressed a fair amount) but I just could not get over the cartoonish look of the game and the drastic change Wind Waker had taken. To me, it simply wasn’t Zelda.

But nowadays I like to consider myself older and…erm, wiser and I honestly could give two shits about how a game looks. And with the 3DS launching in North America shortly (and Ocarina of Time 3D EEEE) Zelda has been on mah mind like…well, it’s just been on my mind a lot.

If you want to follow my adventures in Wind Waker, sail over here!

Get it? Sail? Hurrrr.

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