1. As of this moment right now I’d say Radiata Stories is my favorite PS2 rpg but there are so many other awesome ones I haven’t had a chance to get in on like Rogue Galaxy and Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time. So many games, not enough time.

  2. Oh lord. I can’t just pick 1.

    Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 just because it is the best of Disney and FF. Plus a good story to boot.

    FFX & FFX-2. These games (more so FFX) has one of my favorite FF stories.

    One of the better titles that isn’t Square related would be Dark Cloud 2. I could spend hours and hours golfing, fishing, and taking pictures and developing each territory to its fullest potential.

    But if I am forced to pick one…..GAH!!!!!


  3. I have to go retro. “Suikoden II” I’m obsessed with my final fantasy have them all and tons more rare rpg games but suikoden 2 is pure nostalgia!!

  4. I feel picking a colour was against me… being colourblind and all I don’t know what I like :/ but I picked just for you though.

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