1. Oh hell yes! A question that I was potentially going to ask! ;)

    I agree. Badass has to go to “miniboss” Dark Link! Why? Because reasons! I also like Bongo Bongo and Phantom Ganon. I will play Bongo Bongo on 3DS to see if they did. I don’t remember seeing it on 3DS. But by far my favorite boss would have to be Barinade. Why?

    I remember explaining it to you, but why not? I have a personal tie to this boss. It is actually the very first boss that I played against in a Zelda game. I know people or even you may wonder….why when that is technically the 3rd boss in the game?? Because I ended up helping a friend of mine when it first came out. Being 11 at the time helping an adult beat the boss and being my first playthrough of that boss gave me the motivation and need to beat this game. So I ended up getting the game and exploring the world that I ultimately came to love. I have replayed and replayed this game just for fun to further explore it all.

  2. I just played though OoT on the 3DS and I wish I could remember how Link reacted to Bongo Bongo. I honestly didn’t pay that close attention. I would pick Bongo Bongo as one of my favorite bosses though. I also like Morpha a lot too, it just has a neat design.

    • I checked out a gameplay vid, and he does have some leg animations goin’ on. So it looks like the modified it a bit. ;)

  3. King Dodongo! I loved throwing bombs down his throat :> I also remember on my last replay Dark Link KICKED MY ASS. I had such a hard time with it! How the fuck do you conquer YOURSELF?!

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