Win Britt’s Shit #2!


It’s another week, which means there’s another chance to win my sheeeeeyt. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have The Last of Us to get back to. Also Clickers and Hunters are the things of my nightmares. I mean, like, how more deranged and nasty can you get? They’re humans but ‘shroom-fungi at the same time. “Excuse me mister, can you help point me in the right direction as I can’t see BECAUSE THERE IS FUNGI GROWING OUT OF MY EYE SOCKETS.”

So brilliantly fucked up, I tell you.



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  1. Ratchet & Clank (for PS4), yea I know they haven’t announced or even hinted at it yet but c’mon you just KNOW they’re working on that shit!

  2. Not really anything I want this week, so I will refrain from entering the contest. It makes me feel like I am being nice by stepping aside and letting someone else who actually wants something win (even though I probably never would have won anyway, but that is beside the point).

    But as usual, great video!

  3. Gran Turismo looks amazing. I never normally look forward to a racing game but damn, that looks special to me.

  4. These videos are funny and nice to watch when ya first wake up so No I’ll not be taking shots at 7:30 AM LOL

  5. To be honest I am probably just sticking to a pc
    as loyal as I am to the playstation I just don’t see it being much better than the pc besides the exclusives

  6. There was no shit OR #2 in this video! FALSE ADVERTISING!

    Seriously though, you should play that Jurassic Park game before you end it out – it’s pretty different from the SNES game. Also, you get to play as the Velociraptor.

  7. I’m looking forward to Driveclub and Watch Dogs. Both games look seriously cool. Dying Light also sounds awesome and I am a huge fan of Dead Island

  8. I would have entered and/or commented earlier, but I had to sober up from the “Win Britt’s Shit Drinking Game” first.

  9. I needz to winz da shit….i needz to or my head will explode! that happens to me sometimes. not really looking forward to any of the next gen games. I’m a PC guy all the way.

  10. I know it’s going to be an odd choice, but I’m most looking forward to Killer Instinct. Not that I expect it to be my favorite or most-played game, but it’s just exciting to see it return.

  11. There are SO many games to look forward to. Kingdom Hearts 3, Metal Gear 5, Battlefield 4, the remake of the Wind Waker is gonna be AWESOME! I mean, there are a shit ton more, whats NOT to look forward to??

  12. I have to say I am ridiculously excited about Kingdom Hearts 3. But I am also upset because I hadn’t planned on getting any next gen systems…and THEN they announce KH3 .___.

  13. Lol Britt you’re awesome. For next Gen im going after project spark! May the only thing that gets in your eyes be sun, and never fungi

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