In Case of Zombies: Break Glass

in case of zombie hallway

Because I’m all about first impressions, I decided to ixnay my original idea of putting the “In Case of Zombies: Break Glass” display in the guest bathroom (to go along with the Resident Evil theme) and instead hung that bitch on one of the first walls one sees upon entering. Because really, something this awesome shouldn’t be wasted on a room that ultimately becomes littered with feces particles and urine splatter.

in case of zombies close up

The framework, glass case, etching and overall shininess of the piece is impressive. Unfortunately the shotgun itself has some flaws, like the smoothness of the barrel is a little rough in areas and some of the black paint ended up on the red background, but it’s nothing SUPER noticeable. I’m still very happy with it! It’s super light and extremely easy to hang — I mean, if I did it, well…that’s all needs to be said. ;)

I bought this one off of Overstock, and while I’m pretty sure they’re sold out (I, erm, bought the last one) you can find these exact displays on eBay, as well as others versions of the display. (Admittedly there are some more badass-er ones out there, but last I checked they were going for a few hundred.)




  1. This looks so bad ass! Better to have it in the main area too so you don’t need to run to the pooper and get trapped. How anticlimactic would it be to die in a bathroom :

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