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‘Tis the season for cons, and therefore, ’tis the season to dress in character garb. SDCC is right around the corner, as well as PAX Prime and probably a million and a half others in-between. So, who are YOU going to dress as the next time a con calls, nay, BECKONS you?!

Master Chief, of course. One can never go wrong with Master Chief.


Yep, that’s me. I won’t lie, I felt like a conqueror of worlds rocking that costume. Well, technically it’s a jumpsuit, but either way it’s pretty rad. The jumpsuit itself has EVA molded armor and boot tops, so it’s extremely comfortable and is great for an instant “I’M SUCH A BADASS!” feeling. Next time you have a job interview throw it on for a few minutes. BOOM. The job will so be yours. Have a date? Expect him/her in the sack that night.

SO! You want the same costume?! (Well, not the EXACT same one. You’ll receive a brand new, shiny packaged one.) CostumeSupercenter.com and I are joining forces to give away a Master Chief jumpsuit! And if you win, you can do things like this!


For reference, I’m wearing a “standard” size costume. I’m 5’5, if that helps with anything. I eat a lot of hot wings so don’t ask me for my weight, jerk. I will say I have tons of, erm, growing room in the standard size. The costume also comes in X-Small and X-Large, and there’s always a size chart.

Oh! It’s totally worth noting the helmet comes with the costume. WANNA WIN?! You know what to do. Godspeed! <3 <3 <3

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  1. Phoenix ComiCon is just around the corner. I’m already working on one costume; a second one ready to go would be awesome.

  2. Master chief for a day? Try to rack up a destruction bill higher than the estimates from Man of Steel

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