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link between worlds


Holy crap, are you guys as excited as I am that it’s Friday? This has been an AMAZING, yet craaaaaazybuttsex week filled with Nintendo visits, Child’s Play Charity Auction Dinners and everything in-between. In short I’m basically looking forward to plopping my ass on the couch, playing Diablo III and slopping food all over my clothes and not showering nor giving any shits. It’s going to be glorious.

But who am I kidding? You bastards don’t care about my week. YOU JUST WANT FREE SHIT. Well FINE. Have free shit. (Huge thanks to Mark for supplying the code!)

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  1. I’d take Navi on a date, if for no other reason than to spend the whole date saying “Hey, Navi!” “Hey, listen!” to see how she likes that shit.

  2. lol I’d have to take Midna on a date just because it seems like we’d get into a bunch of trouble and and she could transform into a princess whenever we needed VIP access :3

  3. Princess Ruto, Just so I could give her a piece of my mind for the amount of time i had to Carry her in Jabu’s belly…It’s like she was a kid, and I was the parent at Disney Land.

  4. Tingle. Maybe he’d want to go to his child porn ring den and finally we could be rid of those perverts for good. Poor Link or child who conveniently looks like him.

  5. Because you asked, I’d take Aryll on a date. Not in a creepy, I’m a 35 year old dude taking out Link’s baby sister type of a date but more like a Big Brother program type date because Link is always off saving Hyrule and she needs someone to look after her.

  6. I would love this!!! i can’t afford it right now and would rather leave it sealed instead of opening anyways!!!

  7. Like some people have never seen Star Wars or read The Hobbit, my great shameful (not very) secret is that I have never played a Zelda game. Ever.
    In fact, I think it was in a comment on this very blog I ‘came out’ a couple of months back. Until then, whenever anyone spoke about said series I gave that kind of non-committal nod and murmurs of recognition that I hoped would mark me as one of the enlightened, a “real gamer” if you will, without actually lying.
    Why that would make me a candidate to win this I don’t know.
    In fact, it pretty much doesn’t ;)

  8. We do care about hearing about how your week went. Sounds like you had fun though. More exciting than my week! But now you can sit back and relax and kick up your feet! Answer to your question would be Midna from Twilight Princess!

  9. I’d probably date the dude who sells you things. That guys rolling in the dough. Gotta get that sugar daddy.

  10. I’d say navi. She could talk endlessly about nothing at all until I ask for the check. Similar to a lot of my real world dates of the past.

  11. Ganon.He’s always capturing Zelda and trying to destroy the world because all he wants is to be loved and everyone hates him.

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