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Ladies and gentlederps, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite t-shirt artists. Hell, he’s one of my favorites in general.

Meet Niels. Seriously. Meet him. I stumbled across his designs several months back and just KNEW I had to collaborate with this fine chap because, simply put, his designs made me laugh my arsehole off. (Ow?) I literally spent 15 minutes perusing his designs while hysterically laughing. By myself. In a dark room. It was kind of embarrassing.

If you and I share the same sense of humor, I have no doubt you’ll find his designs¬†just as funny as I do. Below is a small sample of his work (find more on his NeatoShop) that I find particularly awesome:

[wzslider exclude=”15277″]

If you want to win one of these effin’ rad tees for yourself, you know the drill. ENTER YO’ FINE SELF IN THE RAFFLECOPTER BELOW! WEEEE!

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  1. Zero suit cuteness is definitely my fav!! HUGE Metroid fan here. I like link and ederpa 2nd! Way to find buttsex awesome stuff, Brit!

  2. There’s just something about that one with Mario 1-Uping dat ass (yes thats a verb now lol) that I can’t stop laughing at hahaha

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