Getting Your Gaming Blog Up and Running

Something a little different this week, folks. I often receive emails from fellow human beings asking me how to get their video game blog and brand off of the ground. So, I thought I’d make a video to explain how I did it and what worked for me. Hopefully it will help you! :)

And WHAA? I got through an entire video without swearing?


  1. Great advice Britt, but it kinda saddens me that it took me like 15 years to come up with Big Harry Ape Man Mcgee.Com and you just thought it up in like 5 seconds. I never acted on it soon enough so I won’t hit ya with a Copyright Infringement. :P

  2. Great advice, I currently have a blog but I do lifestyle, beauty and video games on this so I think after watching this I may start up a separate gaming blog.

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