Win a 2013 Halo Calendar! **CLOSED**

While you read this, dear friends, my ass is on an airplane en-route to DC where it will then sit in an airport for three hours before it departs for Florida. The rest of my body, sans ass, will be left behind. Wait, what? Okay, admittedly it’s 11:30 pm, five hours before I have to wake up for my flight, and I’ve been putting in 16  hour days all week to prepare for this vacation. I’m tired. I don’t make sense. Whatever.

BUT! I’m sure some of you like knowing what today is, right? And what tomorrow will be? Well there are these things called CALENDARS which are amazing and awesome, and I have one I want to give you. Actually, I have two, but I’m just giving one away for now.

You liiiiike it? You waaaaaaaaaant it? YOU CAN HAZ IT! Just leave me a comment below and I’ll randomly choose someone to receive this fortune teller device.



  1. Britt, I love you, every time I eat any sort of chicken wings I think of you and if you send me this calender, I will be reminded of you whenever I play Halo. Also with two calenders I can tell the days that much better without depending on my phone. I want to be prepared for zombie apocalypse/EMPs

  2. I’d be honored and grateful (and full of geeky pride!) if I had a calendar like that. Hope I’m not too late

  3. well, this is what I get for not checking in on you on a regular basis. Giving away cool things I see! I throw my chip with this lot and hope that the god of random number generation picks me as his avatar to carry this calendar into battle as his standard in the war against sequential number generators. CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR!

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