Why I don’t have a 3DS.

As a diehard videogame enthusiast, I feel a little weird not owning a 3DS. When I piss and moan about this feeling of oddity to others, I generally get the following response:

“It’s not weird, Britt. A lot of people don’t have $250 lying around. It’s understandable.”

But come on people; we’re talking about me here. I’m the girl that insisted on purchasing Move and Kinect on day one, despite knowing they would only receive minimal use….I’m the girl that bought a PSP, not because I needed it, but mostly because I wanted it in my collection…I’m the girl that bought the God of War 3 collector’s edition despite never having played God of War before…I’m the girl that NEEDS TO OWN EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THIS INDUSTRY BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH. And it’s not even about the money; I saved every Best Buy gift card the jolly fat man in the red suit left me at Christmas specifically for the 3DS. Repeat: have $250 dollars in Best Buy mullah in my dresser. IT IS THERE.

So, theoretically (following The Logic of Britt) when Sunday, March 27th rolled around my ass should have been in line with everyone else. I should have been foaming at the mouth, riding the high of pure anticipation, waiting to get my sweaty hands on a 3DS. Instead, I played Dragon Age: Origins all day without the slightest desire to venture outside.

What gives?

I’d like to say that I’ve become wiser and more aware of my money, but I’d be bullshitting you. My best guess is this: With the recent construction of my woman cave, I’ve become aware of how much stuff I own, but never use/play/dust off. I can live with the abundance of games I’ve collected over the years that will never receive the attention they deserve, but whenever I look at my DSi, PSP, Kinect or Move controllers, all things that haven’t been touched and played with *tee-hee* in oh-so-long, I feel…dirty. HA. Okay, maybe that’s not the best word. But it’s definitely a mental check.

What is this I don't even.

I’ve run it through my head, and if I were to purchase a 3DS, this is exactly how it would go:

ME: YAAAY 3DS! ::playplayplay::
ME: OOH, DRAGON AGE 2! ::forgets about 3DS for months to come::


What would be the point of jumping out of the window and sprinting to Best Buy RIGHT NOW to purchase a 3DS, other than to say it’s in my collection (and to say I jumped out a window)? The launch titles do not tickle my personal fancy, so there’s not a particular game I can imagine spending hours upon hours of my time on…at the moment. Because honestly, it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when I’ll purchase the 3DS. I. Just. Don’t. Need. It. Right. Now.

And as long as I chant that to myself every night while I hug my knees and rock back and forth, I think I can stick to my guns.

I’ve given you my reasons. Why or why don’t you have a 3DS?


  1. I am not getting the 3DS because of a lack of money. Even if I had the money to buy one, I am not really all that interested in any of the titles. thats $250 better spent on Hot wings and ranch.

  2. There is no way you avoid buying the 3DS in June. Absolutely no way. I’ve seen you play Ocarina of Time before. You won’t resist the remake. I’d bet money on it.

  3. I am a poor white man, that and I have never gotten into the portable game systems. I just enjoy plopping down in front of my tv to play a game more. Or maybe its the poor thing…. Yeah, I’m going to go with that.

  4. I’m not getting a 3DS right now because I still get plenty of use out of my DS lite :D
    Plus, ocarina of time will be the only reason I buy a 3DS

  5. I’ve not had any interest in it for a pretty standard reason it seems. I have no care for any of the launch titles. I’ll get it for sure when something I want for the system comes out (O HAI ZELDA OCARINA OF TIME). Until then, I couldn’t really give a shit about it :P.

  6. It’s it O.K. Britt. You are just being wise about your time. Why purchase something that will get little-to-no use in the coming months due to other games your are currently playing. I say enjoy your Dragon Age: Origins and any other game you have lined up.

    The 3DS will always be there (at least until November and the Christmas rush). And who knows, Nintendo might announce a “new & improved” 3DS at E3 and you’ll just regret buying last years model.

    • I *think* I read somwhere that Mr. Fils-Aime said there would be no “improved” versions of the 3DS…until after the holidays, anyway. Who knows!

  7. Originally I was going to wait until the next hardware version just because You know all of the kinks (like battery life) should be ironed out. But the damn thing keeps looking at me and telling me to buy it. The temptation is eating at me…

  8. I’d rather buy 15 more copies of Dragon Age: Origins :D
    (… I hate Dragon Age 2 T_T I only play the game because of Anders – I’m such a fangirl XD – and the dog <_< Not that the dog makes a difference XD I just call him "Barkspawn" so I have at least something that reminds me of the first game ;_; I called every dog Barkspawn xD)
    Also I doubt that there will be as many great mods as for Origins. I love the "Ser Gilmore NPC" mod <3 And mods like "Dialogue Tweaks" :D
    Um…… ":3

    • SORRY SORRY I can’t read your comment. I saw Dragon Age 2 and I’m scared of spoilers. I’ll read it in three months when I’ve finished it XD

  9. I actually went to Best Buy last night just to see if there were 3DS’s in my area, with the intention of trading in my DS, PSP, games, etc. at my local games shop today to get a 3DS and “bask in the glory.”

    But standing there, staring at the box within the plastic theft-proof box, I just couldn’t justify to myself the purchase, knowing that there’s nothing I really want to play right now.

    So, I went to the PSP aisle on a whim and, after checking out the score on IGN, picked up “The 3rd Birthday” instead. Fantastic game – I’m glad I found a reason to play a system I already owned, rather than tricking myself into a purchase I would later regret.

    And I only paid $30 to boot. :-D

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