Let me tour you.

My woman cave is near completion (I know, you’re probably sick of reading about it. TOO BAD) and although I want nothing more than to personally invite all of you to my place to check it out and enjoy a basket of hot wings, that’s just not plausible (and/or safe).

So here’s my question: How do I give you a tour? Do I make a video, MTV Cribs style? Do I post a few thousand pictures? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!

Let me know!

And on a totally unrelated note—I went into last weekend with one goal in mind, and I’m happy to report that I slapped that goal and made it my bitch. Ladies and gentlemen, I finished Dragon Age: Origins…again…for the umpteenth time. I clocked in around 51 hours, with most of the side quests completed. Why am I telling you this? Because A) I know you care deeply and the quality of your day depends on this information and B) You can start to prepare yourself for massive Dragon Age 2 posts that will consist of mostly illiterate words such as “SQUEE” and “EEE” and “ZOMG” and “WHERETHEFUCKISALISTAIR*”

* I have no idea whether or not Alistair makes an appearance in Dragon Age 2. So don’t tell me ANYTHING. <3


  1. Definitely do a video. Start with one side and gradually make your way around until you’ve shown off and explained everything.

  2. Oh, video tour. Definitely video tour. It’s the classy way to go, especially if you can get a guest narrator, and you give them the tour.

  3. Yeah, I say video tour with someone filming you giving the tour, plus stills of your favorite stuff… :-)

  4. Play your saved game file where… you didnt make Alistair King and did not imprison him. Hhmm that sure would give him the ability to go anywhere he wants doesnt it?

  5. Do it on video, that way we can hear your lovely voice narrating, also pictures take too long. Also I do deeply care the quality of my day is much better with that information. Actually it will make tomorrow better, since today is almost done, so I am going to hold that info on reserve to make tomorrow AWESOME

  6. Hmm…the MTV idea sounds pretty awesome! Though I think that a gigapixel stitched image of the game shelf would be awesome too. If you need help with how to make one, let me know!

  7. I throw my lot in with these folks, Video tour. Thank god that you told me you had completed DA:Origins, Today was going to suuuuck. I eagerly await your Dragon Age 2 blogs filled with squees ees zomgs and wherethefuckisalistairs. I want to hear your opinion of the game considering your all encompassing love of Origins. Now I must eat my hotwings alone in my significantly less exciting room :P

  8. You have completed it on your list so I will just quote Alistair $BEWARE THE SPOILER$
    Alistair: “…The ole ball and chain”
    Tegann: “The Queen hates it when you call her that.”
    Alistair: “I’m not scared of her just because she defeated an Archdemon.”
    Tegann: “Whatever you say, your majesty”
    $Spoilers be over$

    It’s been awhile, but that was the gist of one of my favorite Alistair lines ever. This is the import if you play female human noble and allow Alistair and Morgan to get it on before the final battle, and just following your annoucement to the court and Alistair himself that the two of you are now engaged.

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