Web Comics Plz!

I don't know what this is or where I found it. Honestly, it just looked like it fit here.

I like nerdy things, and last I heard web comics were nerdy. Therefore I want to read more of them. Best logic ever, amirite?!

But for serious, I’ve always wanted to follow a series or two, but I can never seem to find the time to sit down, do some research and subscribe to a feed…or something. That’s what people do, right? God I’m such a noob.

Anyway, I posted on Twitter that I was on the lookout for web comics to check out and I received responses galore. Responses galore = 23 different web comics. Honestly, I can barely find the time to wipe my ass anymore let alone read 23 different series, so for the time being I’m going to focus on these bad boys (because I’ve heard of them before).


Penny Arcade


Rooster Teeth

If I like ‘em, I’ll keep following ‘em. Otherwise I’ll just delete them off of my…subscription? RSS feed? Crap. I really need to figure out how this feed stuff works. Anywho, next week I’ll change it up and start following a few more.


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