Wind Waker Log #5

Febuary 14, 2011: When I last left Wind Waker I had completed both temples and was ready to dive into the infamous Triforce-shard-collecting quest. Using my IN-credible chart I was able to find my first treasure chest with ease. But when it opened and a Triforce Chart came out instead of an actual shard, I facepalm’d.  I had forgotten that you have to sail all over the freakin’ ocean just to find the Triforce CHARTS, then pay out of your ass (damn you, Tingle) to have all 8 of them translated. Then (and only then) could you locate the actual shards. Meh.

Honestly, I found the whole ordeal annoying, but it wasn’t as bad as people had made it out to be. Maybe it helped that I took a four hour break in between finding the charts and the shards. Heheh. J

Rewinding a bit—there’s a Triforce Chart you find by fighting your way through a 30 level dungeon; once all enemies on a level are defeated, you drop down the next level, defeat those guys, so on and so forth. Anyway, once you reach the 30th level the Triforce Chart is yours for the taking. But if you can survive an additional 20 levels a piece of heart is yours for the taking.

While I didn’t need a piece of heart, I decided to go for it. I was itching for a challenge anyway.


The thing with Wind Waker is it’s not a challenging game. The puzzles are easy to figure out and the enemies are simple…by themselves. But if you toss six of the toughest enemies the game has to offer in a small, crowded room, things change. And I uh found that out real quick.

By the time I reached the last level, I had a quarter of heart left. And of course I was greeted by four of those big knight dudes. Oh. I just googled them. They are called Dark Nuts? PFFT.

Anyway, so there I was…on the VERY last level, without faries and I had these big ‘ol Dark Nuts (TEEHEE) marching towards me. And I had a quarter of a heart. A QUARTER OF A HEART. It was seriously probably the most intense battle I’ve ever fought in a Zelda game!

But, you know how I do.


I actually progressed quite further in the game, but I gotta get going for now. I’ll update later!!

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