Want a Lost Planet 3 poster?

It’s gonna be a sloooow day for yours truly blogging-wise, so I thought I’d make it up to you and give away this Lost Planet 3 poster I received at PAX. You want it? Leave me a comment below.

But I must tell you, in quick Britt-related news, that I’m officially addicted to The Witcher. Seriously. I literally could NOT sleep last night because I kept thinking about the damn game. I don’t think I’ve been this obsessed with a game since Dragon Age: Origins — and look how THAT ended up turning out for me — I now have, like, six copies of the game and a shrine dedicated to it.

Wish me luck. ;)



  1. Wow, that poster looks pretty nice. I’m behind on the Lost Planet series though, as I still need to play the second one.

    I’ve always wanted to play the Witcher games, but I’m not much of a PC gamer (as my PC generally sucks at running things), and I don’t have a 360.

  2. I really want it Lost Planet is one of my favourite video games, I really enjoyed Lost Planet 2, and I’m still about to re-play it :

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