Wanna Crush The Poker Side Quest In Far Cry 3? It’s Actually A Lot Easier Than You Think

For gamers out there, Far Cry 3 is a badass first-person shooter video game that comes with several side quests like playing challenging as well as entertaining poker mini games in the mold of Australian video poker games. Engaging in the said activity is actually a swell way to raise some “game money,” especially for newbies who are familiar with poker rules. Here’s a quick guide on how to wrap-up the game with ease!

Poker Side Quest
While opting for the poker side quest can be a very risky move, it comes with great gains! The particular kind of poker that is played in Far Cry 3 is Texas Hold’em and there are certain tricks that you can do to earn plenty of cash in the game.

For one, a cool accomplishment that can be obtained from playing the said side quest is the Poker Bully Achievement. To rack up this feat you need to earn at least 1,500 USD cumulative cash. You can earn as much as 750 USD in one game; as such, you need to win at least two games to be crowned poker bully! On the other hand, bear in mind that it also comes with the probability of losing money along the way.

Have no fear because there are a couple of tricks that can be done to have things your way. They are explained below.
• First and foremost, save the game before playing the poker side quest.
• Check out the full list of games and opt for an expert mode game.
• Go for the “all in” move. Looking for other cards is simply unnecessary.
• If you win, exit the poker side quest, save the game, and replicate the procedure until you earn the amount that you need.
• If you lose, go to the game menu, but do not exit the poker side quest. Afterwards, reload the saved game and then replicate the whole process until you win.

Obviously, there is an element of luck that is involved when it comes to winning poker games. Bear in mind though that the Far Cry 3 poker side quest is designed in such a way that it will give players, say up to 40 percent chance to win, even at expert mode! So, just sit back, relax, and implement this nifty strategy. Cross your fingers while at it and you’ll be a poker bully in a flash!

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