**CLOSED** Walking Dead Swag Bundle!


Awww. Look at this nostalgic photo. Back when everyone was…uh…alive…

In case you haven’t heard, The Walking Dead is once again a thing that is gracing our televisions, tablets, phones, consoles…and it’s fucking rad. So, what better way to celebrate some undead, shuffling love than with some Walking Dead swag?!

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TVStoreOnline.com has hooked yours truly up with a fun lil’ Walking Dead bundle. Included is a Walking Dead Illustrated Zombies beach towel, a Rick Grimes t-shirt as well as a metal replica badge. ::cue cheesy game show music:: AND IT CAN ALL BE YOOOOOURS!!!

Good luck!

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  1. I think Tyreese is my favorite. On the show, his actor is the same guy who voiced Coach in Left 4 Dead 2! Every time he speaks, I hear Coach.

  2. I like short round (Glenn) because the fact i can call him short round cuz he looks like the older version lol

  3. I’d have to go with Maggie, though admittedly I’m biased cause I managed to meet and get Lauren Cohan’s autograph at Fan Expo Vancouver this year lol ;)

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