Valentine’s Day: You’re Doing it Right

You know what they say—the way to a nerd’s heart is through acts of romantic nerdery. And by romantic nerdery I mean suave videogame references like “Will you be my player two?” followed by heat-container shaped cookies, a stiff mana potion and hours of gaming, during which you perform several successful headshots against your significant other. Don’t forget to teabag! <3 

But these lovely folks from reddit are also doing it right:

EPIC Mass Effect 3 demo awesomeness!
Probably my favorite ;D


I dunno about you guys, but I’m suddenly filled with these unexplainable warm and fuzzy feelings ;D

Happy Vag Day!!!

<3 Britt


  1. How was your Valentine’s Day? (Hopefully this comment isn’t pointless because their will probably be an article up later, or a video) (Also, when will more Women Cave updates be on YouTube?)

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