Halo: Combat Evolved Log #1: Why the fuck not?

Hi guys. Guess what? I’ve never finished a Halo game. EVER. For some, that may be shocking. Others may be thinking, “So what? Neither have I!” Well, in any case, I’m now in the middle of a prolonged Halo marathon in which my ultimate goal is to finish every Halo game (as you can tell, I’m only midway through Combat Evolved, so I have a ways to go!) and seeing as I haven’t played a game without creating a log for it since 2011, I figure I might as well give this a shot.

So, what is there to say about Halo: Combat Evolved?

It’s definitely one of those games I don’t think I could play by myself—I need the co-op gameplay in order to stick with it. Unlike other FPS like Call of Duty—which is a HOLYBALLS ACTION TO YOUR FAAAACE BOOMBOOM BANG EXPLOSIONSSSSS crammed into a short, doable six hour campaign—Halo’s campaign is longer (or at least it seems that way) and has more breaks in action. The story doesn’t seem to be as dramatic and over-the-top (which is why I’m able to stick with FPS like CoD and MoH) soooo…I need someone to, like, talk with during Halo and someone I can just kill at will during one of those “breaks in action”.

But there is something extremely satisfying about playing an old-school FPS shooter like Halo. It’s just FUN. Killing grunts, picking up weapons, the shields, the med packs, the terrible Warthog controls…all of it! Hell, I even get more pleasure than I should out of listening to Master Chief’s footsteps.

I’m also excited to familiarize myself with Halo’s story. I now have a feel of who these staple characters are and what Halo actually is. Well, kind of. It’s a little hard to follow the story when you’re constantly teabagging and trying to kill your co-op partner. Translation: After finishing Halo: CE I will stalk the Wikipedia until I learn myself of everything that happened.

As far as the story goes: I’m supposed to stop Captain Keys from doing something. Like, going after Halo? Shit. SEE?! I can’t remember anything!!!

<3 Britt


      • A true gamer ;) The anniversary edition has some pretty fun features though. Switching between the original graphics and the remastered ones is pretty amazing. Not to mention kinect support, which isn’t terribly practical but pretty entertaining to yell GRENADE at your tv while shooting at aliens!

  1. I remember the first time I played Halo: Combat Evolved, I absolutely fell in love with it. The story drew me in so compellingly, I don’t think I ever crawled out. It is definitely my favorite video game series (with the single exception of Star Wars, but nothing can beat that).

    • Nice! I’m pretty stoked to finally learn the story. Thankfully I’ve found all of the Halo games at garage sales, so I just gotta get through them!

  2. After this, don’t play any others. The story gets worse and loses focus completely. Not to mention BOOOOORING!!!!

  3. Some protips for ya..no spoilers, but they’ll help:
    The pistol in Halo CE is amazing…3 headshots should take most things down. It has a zoom, tons of ammo, and is ridiculously overpowered. Enjoy it cause it’ll be nerfed after that.

    Look for enemies shields to flash when shooting them…this flash I don’t think is documented, but it means thier shields are down…rush in to easily finish them off.

    Melee from behind is typically one hit kill for most enemies

    The Plasma Pistol stuns enemies when its fully charged and shot..just for a second. Combine that with a plasma grenade for an awesome one two punch to take down elites

    If you hit a really tough spot…have yoru coop stay back..you’ll always respawn next to them…this gives one person a chance to rush in and try to get ammo/health/weapons to bring back to the partner..then they can rush in. It’s like a mobile spawn point. If you stay back far enough they’ll never end up in the mix

    Big blue guys (hunters) have a patch of armor missing from thier back. Shoot there for massive damage (ha)

    The story changes for each game…the pacing, the depth, the scope. I think the first is the slowest, and I barely understood it..the second one really threw me though. There are good blogs and such that explain it though. Also the novels are cool if you enjoy novels based on gaming :)

    Have fun through the campaign! There’s alot to Halo, I think you’ll have a good time

    • DUDE! Thank you so much! I had heard the pistol was awesomesauce. I should try to use it more often—I usually go with the assault rifle because I like to spray bullets everywhere :D

      Good to know about the Hunters. Those bastards are the suck and I’d be more than happy to unleash on their back ;D

      Thanks again for the tips!

  4. Awesome and good luck with it! I just beat Halo 3 last night and the week before that I beat Reach and they were both a lot of fun. I played through both of them with my dad on co-op and it was a blast. Have fun!

    • NICE! I can’t wait to get into Halo 3 and Reach. Fortunately Reach came with my new Xbox…it’s a virtual copy, but I can deal! (Although the collector in me is a little irked…;D)

  5. Honestly, your quest will not take that long, Halo games are short, but they are cool. It’s about time I hear you talk about a FPS.

    • HA! I know, I know. Typically, I only touch an FPS once or twice a year. I’d like to play more though, since my FPS skills are a little…lacking! ;)

  6. Enjoy the Halo games there awesome! Especially Reach I still want to go back and beat it on Legendary. I really need to do a marathon for the Zelda games since I’ve only beaten Twilight Princess. The fact I haven’t beaten OoT still is just plain wrongg!

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