Valentine’s Day is nearing…

Be honest, how many of you just facepalm’d because you totally forgot?!

Valentine’s Day: A time when picture perfect couples relish in their happiness while the rest of us sit back and barf ;). Hehehe. I kid. Valentine’s Day can be super fun…or super stressful, no?

But I’m here to help you out. If you’re with a significant other, might I suggest this?


DAWWWW. Come on. Who wouldn’t melt? <3 <3 <3

On the topic of Valentine’s day, yesterday morning I was listening to a “Valentine’s Day” themed radio show.  During one segment the hosts of this show were speaking with women  who felt entitled to gifts on Valentine’s day. Like, these women thought their men were obligated to buy them something cute, fluffy, expensive and/or edible, otherwise the relationship would be terminated. Are you kidding me?


If you get to know me, something you’ll learn quickly is that I’m not a materialistic person (unless it comes to first and third party gaming peripherals—then we’re in a whole ‘nother ball park) and I think the notion that SOMEONE has to buy SOMEBODY something for Valentine’s Day is just ridiculous. Love and affection can’t be truly expressed through an object, only represented, and even then it may be false representation. Just sayin’. A homemade card speaks wonders. See: above image.

On we recently held a “Be Zaxy’s Valentine” contest where readers submitted their idea of a perfect geeky date. It was super fun and a lot of people participated. Tara, Kristina and I each chose our favorite and this is the one I went with:

From Derrick
Date: Brit5091
first on valentines day I would come over to Brits place pretending like I am going to help organize her gaming collection. Then I pretend like I have found a game I really want to play in her collection. When she opens it up to get the cd inside is a big valentines day card. When we open the door to head to dinner, there is a few people in zombie makeup walking towards us. I give Brit a paintball gun and take her hand (probably to stop her from getting an actual gun.) we start running and shooting zombies. some guy pulls up alongside of us in his car and yells “get in!” and takes us downtown where he is promptly bitten by a zombie hiding in the front seat. We get out of the car and I guide her away from more zombies into a large building and up its stairs to the roof where we lock the door behind us. On the rooftop is a nice dinner. After dinner is through we go downstairs and the place is an arcade and we spend the rest of the night playing arcade games together.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for mock zombie apocalypses and arcades! Now, I have to make Derrick a valentine. Hmmm…I’m totally not crafty so this should be interesting! Muahahaha. >)

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