When I first thought about starting this blog, I wanted it to be consistent. I wanted it to be one of those sites that people could just randomly visit and always have new content to look forward to. But since I am the only person running this thing, working a full time job, hosting two podcasts and juggling a few other things, it’s been tough. Even knowing and understanding that, however, I’m still frustrated with myself for not having updated in a few days.

I knoooow, I’m probably being a little too hard on myself, but that’s the way I am. So deal, you! :) But the upside is that I do have a few things to get up here tonight, so that will make me feel better!

So, cheers to a more consistent Blonde Nerd! ::raises mana potion::

No, seriously! It's called a mana potion!


  1. I literally don’t have nearly as many things to keep me busy as you do and I haven’t even posted anything to my blog yet.. throw me into the running for most inconsistency haha

  2. I understand completely. After working full-time as a web developer for a year and a half, I redeveloped my portfolio site into a blog from the ground up to show off my current skills. After I took it live I realized I had nothing to say. Today I made my first post in 2 months, and I still have other additions to make to the site. But since I do this for work I’m usually too exhausted to do this in my free time.

  3. The same thing happens to me Britt. I’ve actually started a pretty consistent schedule as of late though. I post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s been working pretty well for me, even though I’m sure I will be posting at PAX East all weekend lol.

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