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My girl crush on Lara just swelled like, well, like that thing that swells when you have a girl crush. I’ll leave it at that.

Today Square Enix — specifically Phil Rogers, CEO for SE in Europe and ‘Murica — confirmed a next generation Tomb Raider sequel is “well into development”.  And that tidbit of news, ladies and gentleman, made my day.

While I was never able to get into the older Tomb Raider games (I only ever played the demos provided on those PlayStation Mag discs and quite frankly they were a little too intense for my pre-pubescent self) I LOVED the 2013 reboot. I loved the character of Lara, her badassness, her hotness, the exploration, the scenery, the characters — oh man, I just loved it.

Now, time for a mini throwback via tweetuals:

What did you think of the Tomb Raider reboot? Are you excited for a sequel?


  1. The gameplay and scenery was great, i loved the tressfx on the pc, we may finally! Be at the point that women and games arent forced to helmet hair (I love ya femshep I do but…
    but the story…. meh.

    (I may or may not be bitter that my quick time events didnt load properly on the final boss, so I had to go on youtube and see someone play it.)

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