I Are Gamer Girl of the Month!

GG of the month


I’m currently GamersBliss’ Gamer girl of the Month, and they ran an awesome lil’ interview on their website about yours truly! So, like, you should check it out and stuff. I know you’ll get a kick out of a few of the questions — one of them being, “Is there any video game character you have a secret crush on?” …Yeeeeaaaaaah, I had fun with that one. ;)

Huuuuge thanks to the lovely Sarah for featuring me!


  1. Such a Great interview lol Seriously no lie…I love Super Mario RPG!! When I was young and played it I thought the beginning of the game was so EPIC. Then the rest of the game was just as good. It’s fun factor was through the roof :)

    • Thanks Michael! :D

      YES! That game, man — it had me by the balls. I couldn’t stop playing. I loved the wedding part of the game!

      • You’re very welcome Britt :) I must say though Damn I”m so glad your site is back up. As a recent reader/viewer I’ve become hooked to the endless amount of great content that I can catch up on. It’s like I’m in a time machine, especially when reading your game logs and it’s glorious! Keep up the great work. Also that part is awesome ahhh fond memories.

  2. It made me smile when I read that your favorite genre was RPG’s, and I smiled even more when you listed the games I thought was the best! Breath of Fire III, Super Mario RPG, Ocarina of Time.

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