The Walking Dead Log #6: HOLY SHITBALLS.


So, um. Yeah. That last episode of The Walking Dead was balls-amazing, cinematic and had a lot of meat and girth to it. Like, I don’t even know where to begin — so much happened! Maybe I’ll just stick to the main plot points. I ARE OVERWHELMED. I wish I could vomit everything into a bucket and pour it into your brains.


And it’s behind-the-scenes time: I had a post written up, but WordPress decided to lose it. And, like, I put quite the bit of effort into that post. So, in a way of admitting defeat I’m going to wave my white flag and post chunks of the Episode 4 recap, courtesy of Wikipedia. (God, they have been a lifesaver lately.) Talk about 100% concentrated lame-juice.

“In Savannah, the survivors find it overrun with walkers. Upon finding a boat, they make plans to secure supplies from the Crawford community, only to learn that it has been overrun with walkers. Clementine is kidnapped by a mysterious man, and Lee gets bitten by a walker, leaving him little time to save her.”

Well, there you go. That about sums everything up. Now, please enjoy some photos accompanied with my smartassery from the episode.

Having to dig up this dog for the collar made me nauseous, for some reason. It was like I could smell the decaying nastiness. Or maybe that was the popcorn next to me.
And burying this kid didn’t help either. But look, isn’t it kind of cute? A boy and his dog, buried together, all skeleton-esque and whatnot…right…
This is Molly. She was banging the doctor in Crawford in order to keep her sister on medicine for her diabetes. Molly is a badass. Molly also decided to peace out at the end of the episode. Deuces, yo.
See that red stuff in the lower left corner? That, my friends, is…er, was, my good buddy Chuck. We met chuck back at the train during the last episode, and he was a rather cool homeless man. Unfortunately, Ben pussied out at the beginning of this episode which ultimately lead to Chuck saving Clementine and then having to fend for himself. Now you can see just how well that fending did for ol’ Chuck. Not. Very. Well.
Fucking Ben. I should have let him die, but NOOO. I’m a GOOD person. Oh, also, yeah. About that last stat. LEE WAS BITTEN. Sweet. Just wonderful.
YEAH. Look at that. I are good friend-person and everyone wants to help find me find Clementine because, like I said, I are good friend-person. A friend-person who has been bitten and will shortly succumb to the zombie virus, that is. But hey. It is what it is.

And sure, a bunch of other people died during this episode, Kenny almost killed Ben himself, and Ben proved to everyone he’s a dumbass. But with all of that said, I can’t believe I’m about to FINALLY play the last episode! I’m nervous, anxious, worried…I’m 99% sure Lee is going to eat shit (unless Telltale pulls one of those “OHAI HE’S ACTUALLY IMMUNE!” shindigs) and, well, I don’t know who else is going to die, but I hope I see Lilly’s stupid murdering-face again so I can punch it.




  1. One of my favorite moments in this game is when Kenny asks Lee, “How many times have you helped my family Lee?” It really puts into perspective all the choices you made.
    The next episode is wonderful, go save Clem!
    Did I mention I love this game? Cause I do, I just made a Clem T-Shirt!

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