The Gamer’s Compatibility Test

Are you going on a first date? Are you starting to wonder if that person you’ve been seeing is “the one”? Well fellow gamers, before you venture out I want you to know that it is in FACT dangerous to go alone and that you should take this tool, for it will save you time AND heartache in the long run.

This is how it works: the next time you and your significant other are enjoying a nice candlelit dinner whilst listening to the sweet melody of a piano, slide this across the table to him/her.

(Or you could be eating hot wings and drinking beer while playing Halo. I guess it doesn’t really matter.)



Yeah, yeah. I know it says “Girlfriend Test” at the top, but that’s how reddit originally had it and I didn’t want to modify their work… ::eyeroll:

Anyway, I thought this was super cute so I had to share.



  1. Ha, blind date hurt itself in CONFUSION.

    I can just see some poor soul trying to fake their way through this and calling something the Xtendo Wii…awkward.

    • LOL. Pulling this out and handing it to someone mid=dinner would be pretty awkward in itself. Then scrambling to find a pen or pencil with which to connect said controllers/systems…

  2. Haha this is awesome! Although I really hope even the all-time biggest gaming noob would be able to match the controller that says Gamecube with the console that says Gamecube. If not there’s probably other issues more concerning than if they’re gaming-nerdy enough for you haha.

    • HA! True! And don’t forget about the Xbox/Xbox controller! Actually, this test might be more legit than we originally thought…!

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