The 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 Is Sex

::throws self on ground:: I AM NOT WORTHY. I. AM. NOT. FUCKING. WORTHY.

For those of us that were, erm, alive during the launch of the PlayStation this thing is an incredible sexy grey box full of sexual nostalgia. …Well, I guess I shouldn’t speak on behalf of everyone,  but on behalf of myself may I say that this 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 is an incredible sexy grey box full of sexual nostalgia? In fact, if I could swap out my sleek ‘n sexy black PS4 for this I would in a heartbeat.

Pre-orders for the sexiness open this Saturday, December 6th. These units are limited to a mere 12,300 so if you’re serious sally about bagging one of these you best be on it. More deets will become available during this weekend’s PlayStation Experience Event.

My favorite part about ALL of this has to be the controller.

ps4 controller

GAH. Makes a ball of warm ‘n fuzzies swell up in my belly, I tell you. (Or perhaps I’m feeling the leftover Mexican food from last night.)


  1. Brittney, how old are you? I was alive when the Playstation 1 launched, but I don’t remember it lol. I was so young…plus, I didn’t have a Playstation…I grew up Nintendo (but with the amount of PS2 games I’ve bought the past month, you wouldn’t know that I never had a Playstation lol).

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