Thanks to Game Collector, I’m Organizing My Collection


Ladies and Gentlemen, I…I don’t even know how to begin. I just want to say I’ve appreciated all of your support and and and…okay. I’m being a bit dramatic. The point I’m trying – and failing – to make is that I’M FINALLY COMPILING A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF ALL OF MY VIDEOGAMES. That’s right – that tab labeled “My Collection”, which has just been sitting up there for over a year, will finally serve a purpose.

To undergo this task, I’m going to be utilizing Game Collector, a website/program I SWEAR was made for me. Here are some of the things Game Collector is capable of:

To add your games to the Game Collector database, you can either manually search Game Collector…

OR you can use this piece of technology called a BARCODE SCANNER, which is the route I’ll be using (specifically, I’ll be using the Opticon OPN-2001 scanner). Obviously I won’t be able to scan my SNES cartridges, I’ll have to manually enter those, but still – freakin’ brilliant.

Upon adding each game, Game Collector will automatically fill in the deets: the title, platform, format, genre, description, release date, the developer/publisher, etc. It’ll also upload the front and back cover art

HELLZ YEAH. And it doesn’t work ONLY for games – this bad boy supports over 100 different game platforms and peripherals, including PC, consoles, handhelds, guitars, drum kits, microphones, light guns, etc. What does this mean? This means I can log all five of my NES consoles into Game Collector. And then promptly slap myself for owning five NES consoles.


Once you’ve gone through the process of adding every single game in your collection (God help me) viewing them looks to be a breeze.

Just one way to look at your collection!

And when it’s all said and done, you can export your game database to HTML files for uploading or print out a printer-friendly list. You can also download an app for iOS or Android devices for an easy-on-the eyes, on-the-go view of your collection. Game Collector has MANY more features, so to check them out head over to their website. Another bonus –you can try it out for free!

I just received my license yesterday, so needless to say I’m going to be uploading the PISS out of my collection this weekend. Sure, I might have to check into a mental ward afterwards, but hey. It’s the price I pay.


  1. is also a really great place to do it, but no barcode scanner. Probably the next best way without having to pull your collection all out by hand :)

  2. Very nice.. I wonder if it shows how much each item is worth giving the condition its in.. Then an overall amount.. That would be pretty cool.

    • It doesn’t have its own rarity/value database or such, but there’s a field “current value” where you can put in your own estimate. Then you can show off your total estimated collection value, create charts to see which of your platform collections are most valuable, etc… =)

  3. So now you can go to a yard sale, see a game or manual, check your list, and say,”Another one couldn’t hurt!”

    Does it also allow you to list whether or not you have the manual and/or box and/or strategy guide?

    Will it tell you where in your woman cave something is?

    Will it brush your hair and tell you how great you are?
    I’m available for the last one, just sayin.

    • LOL! I’m not sure, but I know there’s a section you can fill out for each game with other details. So, yeah, I could always write “cart only” or “missing manual”. GOOD CALL!

  4. Just think of it this way:
    Now when you go to a garage sale you can check your list to see if you already have said thing 5x.
    And when peop,e think your a girly gamer you can proudly boast that you that 999,999,999 games dating wayyy back

    • DUDE! Yes. A million times yes. I probably should set a limit of how many copies of a game I can have, huh?

    • It is! I really enjoy it so far. I’m still getting used to the program, but once I do I’ll get a post up!

  5. I’ve been a Collectorz user for a while (Game, Movie, and Music) and they’re definitely a godsend for… I want to say “serious collector”, but really I mean obsessive-compulsive hoarder. It’s nice having a beautiful searchable list (or HTML export) of the stuff you can no longer find around the house… =D I can absolutely recommend these tools.

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