Super Saiyan Prank


Let me just throw it out there that I LOVE and totally respect people that can, like, hop on top of a check-out rig and go Super Saiyan, because believe it or not, I don’t have the balls to do something like that. I think I would start laughing at myself and feel embarrassed. So, yeah. Props man. I only wish we could have seen his veins protrude and watch his hair defy gravity and, like, turn itself blonde. Speaking of that, I’ve always wondered if the, erm, hairs down under turn blonde as well. Does anyone know a Super Saiyan we can test this theory on?

Watching something as silly-awesome as the video above has reawakened my inner Saiyan and I am now compelled to have a Dragon Ball Z marathon. THOSE WERE THE GOOD OL’ DAYS. I’d get my chunky-ass home from middle school and plop it on a green bean bag in front on my TV and stay glued to Toonami for the rest of the evening. Then I’d digest the day’s episodes by playing video games.



  1. DBZ Abridged. Best anime-related, fan-made anything. If you haven’t seen it, YouTube it and enjoy. It’s insanely hilarious, pokes a lot of fun at the show, goes by pretty quick (unlike the show sometimes haha), and surprisingly remains fairly true to the heart of the show. With really spot-on voice acting

    • It goes by pretty quick but it takes so long to come out. Although this past season has been pretty consistent so far with about one every month.

  2. I have balls and also lack personal shame. I do need a costume however and a cameraman. My favourite was the guy who formed his own energy blast in response

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