So, there’s an Xbox One Guarded by Sharks

xbox one sharks

I mean, that’s cool. It’s definitely one way to keep the FIRST XBOX ONE SOLD TO CONSUMERS SAFE.

Right, so this is a thing happening in New Zealand. This all came about because Microsoft deemed New Zealand as the place worthy of selling the very first Xbox One. (Apparently it’s close to the international date line, which, admittedly, I hadn’t heard of until now.) Upon hearing the honorable news, New Zealand folk were all, “HEY I GOT AN IDEA! LET’S SEAL THE CONSOLE AND PUT IT IN THE AQUARIUM!” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you see what you see above. The console will be removed ahead of launch and will be handed to a lucky fan at 12:01.

Sharks, people. Fucking sharks are guarding an Xbox One. And I didn’t think this world could become any cooler/weirder.


  1. This is where I live(Auckland, New Zealand). I saw it today. Went on my daughters school trip to Kelly tarltons, and there it was just staring at me. (The xboxone, not the sharks, the sharks were staring at the kids). We may be the first country to get the xb1 but we get PS4 2weeks after you Americans

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