This is SO me right now as I’m staring at my “open order” page on Like, c’mon dudebros, SHIP MY SHIT ALREADY! And I know you’re shipping them out — I’ve seen pictures — SO GET ON IT. Don’t ignore little ol’ me! HNNNNNGHHHHHHH.

…Okay, I have to get over it. The chance that an Amazon executive is reading my blog right now and is going to do anything about it is slim-to-none. So, uh, wow guys. Here we are, mere days before a next-gen console launch. Can you believe it? I feel like I was JUST in line for the freakin’ Wii back in 2006. And that’s just it — these launches come once every eight or so years so I feel like they’re a momentous occasion that should be celebrated appropriately.

But how does one celebrate a console launch? I could take a trip down memory lane and recount all of the grand memories I’ve made with my Sony consoles, make a video during which I cry on camera or do cartwheels down the street naked whilst declaring my love for Shu Yoshida, but at the end of the day I suppose all that matters is how you obtain your console. I mean, that’s the most important thing. So, kiddos, I’m going to tell you how I plan to spend Thursday night.

After catching Spike TV’s uber-awesome PS4 launch event at 8 PST I’ll head to my local Best Buy where I’ll have friends waiting in the midnight launch line. While I’m happy I have a PS4 guaranteed and pre-ordered on Amazon, I was kind of bummed that it meant I didn’t have an occasion to wait in line with fellow brethren, thus I figured I could get a vicarious thrill by waiting with aforementioned friends. (Their consoles are pre-ordered for store-pickup.)


This...this was a glorious day. AND I LOOK LIKE A BABY.
This…this was a glorious day. AND I LOOK LIKE A BABY.

I remember purchasing my PS3 — I was waaaaaay late to the party and waited until, man, summer of 2009? But I’ll tell you hauling that PS3 out of Fred Meyer with my heels and mini-skirt on was one of the proudest moments of my life. HAHA. That thing weighed almost more than I did. I think the first game I played was Little Big Planet, and that was followed up with Uncharted.

OH! I found a blog post written by yours truly on June 12, 2009, one day after I bought my PS3:

 I am McLovin the PS3. Granted I haven’t had it for more than 24 hours but so far its made a very nice impression on me :)

I was going to buy a game, but I decided since they are a lil spendy and I just spent a butt-ton of money, I would rent some first. I jotted down the games you all recommended and ran to Hollywood Video. I got Uncharted and LBP to start out with. I played LBP first for a few minutes, but then I swear Uncharted was winking at me so I put the sack dude away and fired up Uncharted.

So far I LOVE this game. It was a little slow for a while. But now I have a handgun and an AK47, and I’m using them, so its aaalll good. I’m not that far-just at the Fortress. It’s especially intense for me because I have a minor fear of heights lol. There was one specific angle that really got me. It’s after you get into the first window at the Fortress, you walk through a corridor, then you need to exit through another window to proceed further. Anyway,as soon as you approach that second window, the camera shifts and it’s like BAM 349839 stories above the ground looking down. It’s definitely a palm sweater. The only thing I had a little trouble with is when the camera angle shifts while you’re scaling something or running along a narrow edge, making the need to adjust the left analog stick so poor Nate just doesnt run off the cliff. I’ve had some pretty gnarly falls so far, but I think I got it down.

Oh yeah. Before I even started playig LBP, I decided to try Home as I’ve heard mixed reviews…

…okay so like 80% says it sucks and 20% say it really sucks.

Anyway, I created my basic blond avatar and left my oceanside condo to venture out. My phone rang so I left her standing in the plaza. About 5 minutes later I came back…and poor girl. She had been verbally assaulted so many times and I hadn’t been there to help her run away. Sadddd.

I finally managed to get to the mall and was blown away when I found that Sony actually wants us to spend REAALLL money on clothes(I’m assuming the furniture costs too? I didn’t even bother checking it out) for your avatar. Seriously? Okay I admit I’m new to this whole Home thing, but do people spend that much time there and care enough that they will spend money on clothes for their avatar? Enlighten me please.

Hey…I’m sure some of you have been around since Home first hatched. Has it improved at all since launch? Or is it pretty much the same?

It’s a beautiful day today in Seattle, so I’m off for a run ^_^ LATER!

;____; so nostalgic.

New console launches are just a super-duper happy time in the industry. Do I think we need the consoles? No, I don’t — in fact, I’d be happy with this generation for several more years — but nonetheless I can’t hide the SQUEE launch season brings me. I mean, hell, this generation of consoles provided me with SO many fond memories. I re-discovered my love for Master Chief, developed an unhealthy cursh on Nathan Drake, discovered my favorite obsession: Dragon Age, fell in love a certain biotic and turian in a little series called Mass Effect and, most important, this generation of consoles helped me bond with gamers from all over the world and form hundreds of friendships. I can only imagine what’s to come in this next-generation of console awesomeness.

…I imagine it will have a lot of Alistair. Oh, and an even sexier Nathan Drake. Yeah. Totally

I feel like I’ve talked enough about what I’ll be up to, so, what about you? Tell me your fondest PS3 memory, or how you plan to get your snugly new console in your home. <3.


  1. The PS4 is going to be my first day 1 midnight launch purchase ever. I’m excited. I’ve always been late to the party. Not this time.

      • It went so awesome. I was first in line and only had to wait a couple hours. Got home and downloaded Blacklight: Retribution, Resogun, Contrast, Sound Shapes (which gave me my 24th platinum trophy this morning by syncing my cloud save) and COD: Ghosts. So pumped to play and live stream all weekend!

          • I’ve got nothing this weekend. Schedule cleared, and then only 3 days of work next week leading in to 11 straight days of no work and all play. :-D

  2. Me and my brothers teamed up the buy the PS3 the first year it came out and boy did it pay back its value and then some. Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, and The Last of US were some of greatest experiences I’ve ever had while gaming! What a generation.

    Looking forward to what the next one has to offer, but thanks for reflecting back. I love when you post old blogs because they’re new to me and fantastic to read!! Also do you mind if I send you a friend request for one of your coveted 2000 spots when my system arrives? Greatness Awaits :D

  3. I have a Launch Edition coming from Amazon too. Too bad I won’t have any games to go with it…. well except the ones on Plus.
    As for fondest PS3 memory I can’t really pick out any one moment. Just having it for all the games I have on it or for playing all my Blu-Rays.

      • I really can’t afford any games right now with the cost of the PS4, Xbox One next week and alittle money left for Black Friday. Plus there is only a couple games that look interesting on either system to me. I have some credit on my Xbox account though so maybe I can get something on it like Ryse.

  4. even though im getting the ps4 tomorrow my ps3 will still get so much use! nonetheless the ps3 brought me so many great memories just like ps2 and ps1! hopefully the ps4 continues the trend! :)

  5. Got mine this morning and looks like I’ll be Adding a game at a time, aside from Killzone that is! Game’s friggin awesome! I need to pace my gameplay on the ps4 though, not too many titles and me blazin through them is NOT ideal. I’ll balance with FFXIVARR til then, lol. As for my ps2 and ps3, they are gonna grow old with me dammit! Ps2 has dust but it gets broken out for the gems! Where else am I gonna play SMT Nocturne? Also my ps3 is soooo well used that it’s almost unhealthy. Like I said FFXIV is gonna occupy that bandwidth. Not to mention all the PSPLUS freebies almost every week! So many games, too many hours spent at work… >~<

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