Whaddup guys?!

Sorry for the lack of updates—I guess when I said I was going to be a lazy bastard last weekend, I meant it.

Let me just say that last weekend was VOOONDerful (yes, with a “v’) and it felt oh-so-good to sit on my lazy ass and do close to nothing. Alas, I had a few things I had to do and as hard as it was to pry my hands away from Dragon Age: Origins (WHICH I made a sizeable dent in this weekend, thank you very much) my woman cave was calling me, begging to be worked on and stuffed with nerdy collectables.

I also managed to come down with a cold over the weekend, which I am blaming entirely on PAX East even though the convention was over a week ago. Did you hear about the swine flu outbreak at PAX Prime two years ago? Yeah, this chick was a proud recipient of that bad boy. I felt fiiiine for several days after that 2009 convention, but a week later…BLAMMO! I was sicker than shit. But I guess it would be breaking tradition of I didn’t get sick after a con. I guess you could say I’ve come to uh…expect and embrace it. Or something. @_@.

Oh. And I had my eyes checked and blood drawn. HOW EXCITING IS THAT.

Hope you guys had a fantastic-o weekend! I’ll get posts about my woman cave and DA:O up soon.



  1. the first Con I ever went too was the first Blizzcon. When the second one rolled around me and my friend had noticed something different… Blizzard had included hand sanitizer in the goodie bags. I asked one of the employees and he said that after the first con they had all gotten crazy sick so they put the sanitizer in the bag. Cons are way to fun to not get sick at. Get well soon Britt.

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