A Crucial Weekend

Does this photo apply? No, not really. But I love camera effects. SQUINTY EYES FTW!

Guys, its Friday and excitement is oozing out of my pores in a steady stream of excite. What, youve never heard of a a stream of excite? Well my friends, its a rainbow-esque stream of glitter and fairy dust. As it flows, it sounds like gleeful children laughing while enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Anyway, I have been fantasizing and I have been yearning for this weekend since returning from PAX East. Im not kidding when I say if these weekend plans are changed, I might go clincally batshit crazy.

Do you wanna hear what I have planned for the weekend?

…wait for it…

I HAVE NO PLANS THIS WEEKEND!!! I AM DOING ZILCH, NADA! WOOOHOOO!!!! ::throws papers into the air while spinning in an office chair::

While I absolutely love doing uber-fun things like attend conventions such as Emerald City Comicon and PAX East, sometimes I just need to take a psychological breather. Do you guys know what Im talking about? Like, a weekend that allows me to be brain dead, where I can stay in my PJs and let my hair get a little greasy. Sexy, right? ;)

I cannot tell you how freakin excited I am to have nothing to do. It’s been well over a month since I’ve had a weekend to lounge around in my pajamas and practice the art of the hermit. Getting my Nintendo Power magazine collection up in my spiffy new bookshelf is the ONLY thing I need to get done this weekend. Other than that, you best believe my ass will be in a chair, beating the living shit out of Dragon Age: Origins while nomming on cheddar pretzels.

Hmm…I think Im starting to realize how much Ive taken on in the past year. Two websites, two podcasts and a community manager-esque position are only a few things on top of a full time, completely unrelated job. ITS CRAZY. Im also starting to realize that I can only push myself so far before I need to step back from everything, only if it is for a day or two.

…watch, by tomorrow afternoon Ill be going clincally batshit crazy because Im taking a break.

LOL. Oh, Britt.


  1. So now it’s Monday….how’d it go?? Did you go batshit crazy from the lack of something to do? Did you go batshit crazy because something TO DO suddenly got interjected into your weekend? Did you go batshit crazy because you decided to go spelunking and startled some bats who then shit like crazy all over you and your poor spelunking friends (see what I did there?)??

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