Skyrim Hoarders

While this video is hilarious and spot-on, I, uh, was cringing quite a bit throughout because that’s TOTALLY how I played Skyrim. Cabbage? I NEED FOUR HEADS. (Cabbage comes in heads, right? Or is that lettuce? I don’t know how this shit works.) Oooh, a weapon that’s FAR inferior to my blade. I must have it for, um…oh! Look at that wooden bowl! It would look quite dapper on my kitchen table.

See where I’m going with this?

I don’t know how people can just walk away from loot. I simply cannot do it. Buuut of course this means my backpack quickly becomes full, which means I get grumpy and the world becomes a sad place because I’m constantly having to swap out lesser items for less-lesser items AND THAT KIND OF PRESSURE ISN’T GOOD FOR ANYONE.

Damn. Now I really want to play Skyrim. Maaaaaaybe I’ll download it on my laptop. But I probably shouldn’t. Or should I. HELP.


  1. This is too good! But…. I must admit…. I suffer from the same problem. I constantly loot everything in sight and keep so much “junk”… But hey I’m just being prepared in case money gets tight I have selling options! Right?… This isnt a problem…. No way!

  2. This is why you keep your loot organized…in Lakeview manor I have the kitchen where I keep my meat, bread, vegetables, dairy, and cooked items separate. In the main hall I keep all my alchemy ingredients in the satchel (how that little satchel can hold everything, I have no clue)…upstairs I have separate barrels for enchanted armor, enchanted weapons, and soul gems. Then the basement is where it starts getting juicy. I have a safe for each of the basic types of weapons, with 3 barrels for non-armor clothes, and one for unenchanted weapons and one for unenchanted weapons that aren’t within the basic weapon types. Of course I keep all my blacksmithing materials in a barrel down there. Oh yeah, and I keep all my misc items in a desk in the entry way.

    It takes my a while to put everything where it goes whenever I come back from adventuring.

  3. So then what are you gonna do when you play Elder Scrolls Online? If you participated in the Beta Test this weekend you’ll know what I mean.

  4. I was a hoarded until I took a 6 month hiatus. When I started playing again I didn’t care about picking up as anything but money and a few potions

  5. The solution I’ve found is that one Black book that provides the daedra merchant….pick it up until you’re encumbered, summon, sell, then wait a day, summon, sell, repeat…

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