I LOVE MY 3DS. You Win, Nintendo.


So, erm, I think I owe Nintendo an apology.

For the past several years I scoffed at the 3DS. Well, kind of. I’ve always thought the tech was cool, but I’ve never truly been a handheld enthusiast. The way I looked at it was, “Would you rather hold a teeny-tiny screen up to your face, or kick back and gaze upon 65″ of awesomeness?” and I turned myself off with that logic.

And it’s not just Nintendo handhelds; I own a PSP and its received minimal use due to my way of thinking. Anyway, I broke down several weeks ago and did what I promised I would do — buy a 3DS. Yessir! I told myself as soon as a Zelda 3DS was unveiled I’d bite the bullet and add one to my collection. After all, we all knew one would be coming eventually, so it was only a matter of time before I’d get my hands on one. I also cannot break Britt-Law and NOT buy anything Zelda themed. IT WAS A WIN-WIN.

Now, these were apparently offered for a while, starting on Black Friday of 2011:

3DS zelda

But here’s the weird thing — I, uh, just found out about these 3DSessesesses. Like, as in a few moments ago during an ebay search. Do you guys remember these? I’m not sure why I never heard of them or why I never bought one if I had heard of them, but in any case they completely flew over my radar. So. Weird.

Ahem. Ultimately I ended up with this bad boy:


In my eyes this shiny, gold, sexual Link Between Worlds 3DS system was the first (and only) Zelda option out there, so I plunked down the cash and bought it. And this shiny-gold-sexual-Zelda-themed 3DS XL handheld system came a precious treasure; a downloadable code for A Link Between Worlds. It took a while before I even downloaded the freakin’ game (uber fail on my end, I was unknowingly depriving myself of awesomeness) but once I laid down in my big, comfy bed and started digging into the game I became HOOKED. H-o-o-k-e-d. Hooked harder than a Hylian Loach. And now that I’ve finished A Link Between Worlds I’m biting at the bit to start the Bravely Default demo.

In short, I love my 3DS so fucking hard. I love playing in bed, I love how portable it is, I love the screen, I love the way it fits in my hands, I just effin’ love it to tiny gold Triforce-y pieces. I can’t knock handheld gaming anymore. I simply cannot after having such an amazing experience with one.

Maybe, just maybe, all along I only needed a killer game to prove my silly ass that handheld gaming is legit. Long story short, I’m officially converted. ::waves pro-handheld flag::

On a semi-related note, I have a question for my fellow 3DS owners: do you play with the 3D turned on? A few times I had it on the lowest setting and that was agreeing with my eyeballs since it’s so subtle, but I’d say 95% of the time I had the 3D off. I’m curious to hear how you play!



  1. I was the same as you!! I just got the same DS, and became addicted, which I thought impossible!! I take it with me almost everywhere I go now, and actually find myself playing it more than the new consoles. I turn the 3D nearly 100% of the time, just because it makes my eyes cross. x_X

    • Oh yeah?! I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m digging, DIGGING the Bravely Default demo so I think I’ll be on my handheld for a while longer too. ;)

      • I am currently playing Zelda, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Pokemon Y…so I’ll be at this for quite some time!

  2. I bought my wife one last year; her first experience with Ocarina was on it. I’m with you that the 3D is a little much to have on full-time. When I’ve managed to get a turn on it, I’ll turn on the 3D for a bit to see the shiny and then it goes off.

    • Haha! Yeah, I like to see the shiny too for a bit, but then my eyes are all @____@. How did she like OoT?

      • I think she liked it a lot; the Deku tree at the beginning was kind of frustrating, but I remembered enough to get her past a place she got stuck at – I don’t know where she is in the game now, but she took a break to play Gone Home. She did say something like “I heard there’s a new Zelda game out, is it any good?” (She’s fairly new to gaming. Or, you know, since childhood.)

  3. I almost exclusively play with the 3D turned on full blast. When I turn it off, the visuals just feel severely lacking.
    There are so many amazing games you can play on the 3DS. And since you’re a gen 1 Pokemon person you should know that X and Y are easily the best Pokemon games since the original Red & Blue versions. So good.

    • NO SHIT?! Dude, props. I wish I could do that! I think it looks awesome, but my eyes can’t deal with it. I’M SO OLD.

      Oooooh. That makes me so happy. I have X waiting for me, I’m just trying to wrap up the Bravely Default demo!

  4. I like the 3D feature and when I have it on, I usually have it up all the way. However,

    depending on the circumstances and game, I tend to leave it turned off because it runs the battery down a lot faster with it on.

  5. I think pretty much everyone plays with the 3D off. It is just way too annoying.

    I was in the same boat as you with the 3DS. I saw last year’s software lineup and figured I’d try the thing out. Got Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Zero Escape, Tales of the Abyss remake, and the Pokemans. I’m pretty happy with the purchase now. Also, Bravely Default this year! SO EXCITE.

    • SO EXCITE! Yeah, those games you listed sound like a ripe bunch of radberries. I can’t wait to try Fire Emblem! >_<

  6. Kinda makes me sad that someone so into videogames would knock handheld games without really playing them.

    But I’m glad to see you come around.

    • It’s not that I *never* played handhelds. I gave them my fair share growing up but could never stay hooked. I probably should have clarified that a bit. ;)

  7. The 3D makes my sick to my stomach. I literally never touch the switch. I did remember seeing those black Legend of Zelda 3DS systems and I really wanted one but I didn’t have any spare change at the time. I got the Pikachu 3DS XL last year when that was released and as much as I love Pikachu… yours is gorgeous~ :’C

    • Ah! So someone does remember ’em! Those sneaky, sly bastards. I remember seeing the Pikachu one and being *this* close to snagging it! But I held out!

  8. “The way I looked at it was, “Would you rather hold a teeny-tiny screen up to your face, or kick back and gaze upon 65″ of awesomeness?” and I turned myself off with that logic.”

    As Britt says, “in short, I love” (that small screen) “so fucking hard. I love playing in bed, I love how portable it is, I love the screen, I love the way it fits in my hands…”

    Now substitute “penis” for “screen”.

  9. I bought a red 3ds but traded it for the same golden triforce xl beast. Its amazing. I don’t regret it. Zelda xl beast its the bees knees. I have to play link between worlds with 3d on I just like seeing link jump up at you.

  10. Started with 3d low, then over time my eyes trained to the 3d abd now it stays on. My Vita has become a paperweight since I oic5ked up a 3d xl. Theres something magical about it….

  11. man is that 3ds sexy. I usually play with the 3d on, assuming the game I’m playing is 3d(which sometimes I’ll play an old game like metroid II), seeing as the 3d has never bothered my eyes or givin me a headache(I’m kind of addicted to 3d). I’ve pretty much liked handhelds, however exclusively nintendo, as since they came out with the gameboy their games were just awesome. it was gaming I could take with me and play anywhere(I probably would have been hooked on the game and watch titles if I was born before then). I’ve just never really ever been let down by nintendo with their handheld systems with the color, advance to ds, though I never owned a ds, but I assume it would have been awesome. nintendo just knows what they’re doing with handhelds.

  12. The bravley default game is okay it gets really anoying I suggest phoinex wright dual destinies if you want a good rpg

  13. Hi Britt! I love my 3DS as well. FE: Awakening was my first game. Then I moved onto Luigi’s Mansion (almost finished), AC (impossible to finish), and I am also almost done with ALBW. Love all of the games I have and there are so many more I want to play. If anyone asks me what game system they should get and they aren’t picky about having it on a TV or shooters, I’d seriously tell them to buy a 3DS and that’s all they need. Cheaper and portable too!

  14. I still have yet to play ALBW. Want to really badly. Also, I need that Zelda 3DS…the Zelda 3DS XL…my friend has it and it’s amazing. I have one of the old black ones. The funny thing is, the majority of the games I play on it are DS games. I only own one 3DS game, and that’s Kingdom Hearts. Also, if I buy the Zelda 3DS, I might sell the code for the Zelda download…just because I hate digital content lol. I need to own the hard copy…it’s the collector in me :)
    By the way, though you didn’t ask, here’s a few portable recommendations: the Phoenix Wright games for the DS are some of the BEST games out there…buy them. Ghost Trick is right up there with them. Currently playing Kirby Mass Attack which is a lot of fun. And buy yourself a GBA if you don’t have one…it has EVEN MORE amazing games :)

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