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Us console gamer folk generally have a “routine” for getting comfortable before diving into console shenanigans. For example, I like to place two pillows on either side of my body as they are the best elbow resters ’round town. I also ensure I have a small blanket that I can ball up, place on my lap and rest my hands on. Top it off with a bottle of water or whatever it is I’m drinking and BOOM — I’m set for several hours. BRING ON THE VIDJA’GAMES.

Sometimes, though, pillows, aka elbow resters, can deflate and move around which means you have to stop every now and then and fluff ’em up and ehhh readjusting is annoying. Then when getting up and coming back to the couch you have pillows and blankets strewn about and bahhh more readjusting. True, it’s not a HUGE hassle, but I’ve always thought something more efficient would be freakin’ swell.

When a company reached out with this thing called a GlomTom, I took one peek before eagerly asking to review their product.




At glance most can probably guess how this thing works. (If you’re a bit confused and haven’t seen the demo video at the beginning of this post, give ‘er a watch!) It’s as simple as scootin’ your body into that vacant spot and BOOM. Instant comfort for your elbows, arms, hands — basically for the entirety of your upper limb-age.

I recently put 140 or so hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I used the GlomTom for a good chunk of that. I personally found I was most comfortable switching between the GlomTom and pillows/blankets, which might sound weird, but I’m old and I have to switch up my posture otherwise my back will scream at me. But if I were to compare the two, I’d definitely say the GlomTom was MUCH more comfortable than my usual makeshift support made of pillows/blankets.

It might look like a weird product, but I’ve spoken with others who have used the GlomTom, and we’re in agreement that the GlomTom is a product that actually works. It’s efficient, compact, comfortable — and hey, it even comes with a pouch to store controllers, remotes and hot wings! (You may or may not want to put hot wings in the GlomTom.)

If this looks like something you may want, I encourage you to take the plunge. It’s one of those things where you don’t know you’ve been missing until you actually have one for yourself.

For more information, head over to GlomTom’s website.


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