Ask Britt Shit #9!

Destiny, retro consoles and derpy Pokemon OH MY. (Or something.)

OHAI! This is a thing I’m doing now, where you can ask me questions and such. I know, I know. It’s such an original concept I’m quite surprised no one else has ever tried it before.

If you REALLY want to send me a written letter, send it to:

PMB 203
3915 Martin Way E
Olympia WA 98506

(This would seriously make my life.)


  1. lol… Nice vid, though I’ve always been a Sega fan myself… When I was a kid it was the one my folks got me first.. and it was the first console I ever played on that had “gritty” cuss words, and all those awesome commercials where they’d make fun of nintendo.

      • Honestly, I liked the Dreamcast for Tech Romancer and Gundam Side Story 0079…oh and Slave Zero….and Power Stone…and Shenmue.

        Oh, so I really liked the Dreamcast. Except for Sonic Adventure. I literally took that disc and smashed it into pieces in my backyard. I hated that game.

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