Retro Day: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Oh hell yes I did fire this up last night!

Ah, Zombies Ate My Neighbors…what good freakin’ times! While in elementary school I’d play this game co-op with my buddy Tucker ALL the time. We were a pretty deadly duo with our squirt guns and soda cans—until we got to that damn baby.

Worst. Nightmare. Thank God the baby didn’t, like, fill it’s diaper capacity with baby poo and thank God for the Game Genie! Uh, not that we used it or anything. I mean, we’re better than that. ::eyeshift::

I only played the first few levels last night, but that was enough for a nostalgiabomb to fall on my head and give me a nostaliagasm. I haven’t played this game in, oh, about ten years, but the music, the sound effects– everything– came rushing at me like a Tauros. (You DO know what Tauros is, right? If not, hit Google. Hit it so hard.)

Anyone who’s played Zombies Ate My Neighbors will A) Tell you it’s one of the hardest freakin’ games ever B) LOL at the fact that it’s a LucasArts game and C) Will tell you you should play it ASAP. Seriously. Download it off of the Wii Shop Channel. Find someone to co-op with and you’re set. Or you can play it by yourself. Loner. (This is when we forget that I played Zombies Ate My Neighbors by myself last night.)

And if this person who claims to have played Zombies At My Neighbors doesn’t tell you any of the aforementioned things, send them my way and I will straighten them out. ::flexes muscles::

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