Hi, my name is Britt, I love zombies, blahblahblah. You already know this shit so I’m skipping the obvious intro. ;)

MY FRIENDS. Let me introduce you to ZombieBooth. It’s pretty friggen kick ass. I have the app for my Android phone; it’s just as bomb and works fan-fucking-tastical. I can’t believe how realistic the effects are!


HAAAAAAAA. Okay, that was my failed attempt at being witty and/or funny. Thaaaaaaat’s a picture of my dumb ass on my way to ZomBcon last October. Ahem.

For reals, though, look what it did to my newborn photo! And yes, I do understand I look like a chunky oval.

My, how I've changed over the years...HA!
One of my best vag-friends, Erin!!!
This was a homeless kid I found on the street. HA. <3. (Not really.)
Good ol' dad. Now I see where I get my features from!

But it doesn’t just morph your photos into undead-goodness, you can actually interact with your zombie-self! Behold:


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