PlayStation 4 Console Teaser


Are you ready to stare at a black, fuzzy box-esque thing for 39 seconds?! I hope so, because that’s about all you’re going to get! (Unless you’re amazingly awesome and can piece together the final design of the PS4 with what we were just given.)

So yeah, Sony released the above teaser this morning and it’s safe to assume the release of this lil’ teaser has been  planned for some time since Microsoft is set to reveal ALL OF THE THINGS about the next-gen Xbox console tomorrow. Sony’s all, “Don’t you be taking our thunder!” and such.

I have to admit all of this console competition is making me hot and bothered and my pants a little tighter in the nether region. It’s fun to watch, especially as someone who’s going to be purchasing both consoles anyway. (There’s no use in denying it.) I personally don’t give two craps about the “special features” (ie; Netflix, ESPN, or whatever) so, like, all I want to see during the Microsoft reveal tomorrow (and during Sony’s conference at E3) are GAMES! Show me footage! Show me how prettyful you can make things now! SHOW ME POWAAAA!!!

Of course that will happen to an extent, but I expect to hear mostly fancy-pants stuff. “OUR CONSOLE CAN WIPE YOUR ASS FOR YOU WHILE PREPARING YOU DINNER!”

…That would be so amazing. Now THAT is a “special feature” I can get behind. If you know what I mean. Har-har. Ahem.


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