Panzer Dragoon Saga Log #1: Poppin’ my Sega Saturn cherry.

My aunt is the one who has convinced me to put games like L.A. Noire and Portal 2 on hold. You see, for years  she’s been trying to explain to me how amazing PDS is. I definitely trust her and take her word for it—she and I have very similar tastes in our games, and honestly it doesn’t take much convincing for me to put down an FPS or Action/Adventure in lieu of an infamous JRPG.

Here’s a fun fact: Panzer Dragoon Saga will be the first Sega Saturn game I’ve ever played. I’ve owned PDS for roughly a year now (thanks to eBay), but just ordered a Sega Saturn a few months back.

I only hope the Sega Saturn actually, you know, WORKS. I uh haven’t tested it yet.

What I know about Panzer Dragoon Saga:

  • I can fly on dragons.
  • There is a language that was created strictly for this game.
  • The game was, according to my aunt, way ahead of it’s time.
  • I BARELY remember watching my aunt play PDS many, many years ago. So I know what to expect in terms of graphics. ;)

It’s going to be interesting venturing into a console 16 years old, and not only that, a console I’ve never played before! I’m not worried that the graphics will turn me off or anything like that—but I bet they WILL take some getting used to.

Holy shit. I’m excited. ^___^


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