Nostalgic Gif is Nostalgic


Okay, admit it: how many times did you watch the loop? At least 12? 

You know what I really regret? Not playing any freakin’ Metroid games growing up. For serious. I need someone to tear me away from Mass Effect 3 for one night and sit with and ensure I play Metroid games until my eyeballs bleed. DON’T LET ME FALTER!!! 

What games would you add to this gif?


  1. Donkey Kong or Pacman would TOTALLY fit in this gif. They probably didnt put in others because the epicness of more UBER games would make your eyeballs explode! mmmmmmmm Eyeballs……..

    • Kinda off topic, but I think one of the next games I play will be the original Final Fantasy. I feel like a failure at life because I haven’t played the NES/SNES ones. WAAAAH.

  2. Kid Icarus, Castlevania, and as mentioned, Contra and Mega Man.

    Go download Super Metroid! IT’S AMAZING; my all-time fave. I am offended that you haven’t played it. :p

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