New Headers!!!1

5 dollar banner


Earlier this month I spewed out a plea for a new website header because, well, the one I paid $5 for (see above) was a little less than stellar (I know, I know, to be expected when you only drop $5, but still) and several of you heeded my plea and sent me new headers!

Since I received several submissions I plan on rotating them out every month or so, which is exciting because it means YOU’LL NEVER GROW SICK OF SEEING MY FACE. Er, yeah.

And to all of you who sent me a banner: I know I’ve thanked you via email, but seriously, I need to give you all a public shout out because the fact that you took time out of your day to put these together for me means so much. Thank you. <3  (If you sent me a banner and don’t see it below, let me know! There’s a chance it got lost in the unruly jungle that is my email inbox.)

By Megan:





By Matt:




By Deidre:





By Justin:justin Justin LogoBy Justin M:Justin M1

By Sam:





By Zach:Zach

So, there you go! Like I said above I’ll be rotating these bad boys in and out for the next several months! If you’re interested in having any of the above kind-folk design you something, shoot me an email to and I’ll gladly do an email intro! :D


  1. yay! :D & no problem! It was so fun i’m glad you like them :) & i’m going to put them in my portfolio for school this semester!!

  2. That’s a really good group of banners. I, uh, didn’t realize you were quite so fond of brains (though now the involvement with the “We’re Not Dead” podcast makes a lot more sense). About the one with you and the shield…I think you may be misunderstanding what people mean when they say, “Always use protection.”

  3. I am so happy you like them! I had a blast designing them. The other contributed designs are pretty rad too. Thanks for showing them off! (:

    • I have to say the zombie design does have a special place in my…well I was gonna say heart…er, brainzz? >:)

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