1. Very interesting! Can’t wait to see the rest of this and more videos like it hopefully! Echoed Voices looks kick ass too, haha! I might have to find it and try to play it someday (:

  2. This is soooo tough to pick 10. Ok.
    10. Star wars dark forces – the first star wars game NOT about the main movies. It was great for a Sci if FPS at the time
    9. Jet moto 2 – what a fun and different race game! It was The beginning of my love for racing.
    8. Vigilante 8 – cuz fighting with cars is fun, and this game was way more fuuunkaay than the popular car fighting game, twisted metal.
    Keep these videos coming! I am excited to share the rest of my top 10!

  3. Spyro would be *much* higher on my list – not because I could pretend to be a sheep herder, sheep were to give you dragonflies! I loved the music (Stuart Copeland!), and the controls were a lot of fun. Some of the end levels had hard moves you had to do, but you got better at maneuvering your dragon, and that was part of the fun.

    From a completionist standpoint it was fun, because you had to find / do everything, but it wasn’t completely tedious — Kingdom Hearts, I’m looking at you!

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