Parody Video: The Problem With Smash Bros.

This poses an interesting question. So, yeah, why are Nintendo characters constantly brawling it out? If there really is an evil hand dangling in the air and is, uh, evil and stuff why don’t the participants unite and take it down together? You know, teamwork and all that warm and fuzzy stuff Nintendo is so good at promoting. So. Is there a real story here? During the umpteen years I’ve been playing Smash have I missed something?

Hmmm. Maybe all of the Nintendo characters feel as though being restricted to one publisher limits their brand and potential employment ability. ERMAHGERD SO MAYBE THE POINT OF SMASH IS TO WIN (duh) AND THEN THE WINNER CAN MAKE APPEARANCES ON OTHER PLATFORMS WAHHHHHHHHHHHH IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

Also, caffeine.

Before I go, I must publicly state that Link’s, like, three and a half lines had me cracking up. “HYAAA RUPEES!”

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